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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are you wearing my shoes?

Hi ladies,

Okay, so I dont mean it literally, but really - are you wearing my shoes?

My shoes? Hmm! Wife, Mother, Daughter, Boss, Professional Associate, Homemaker, Teacher, Friend, Lover, .... ? And somewhere in all this, I seem to recall this other teensy weensy role........... ME!

Aha, so I ask again.... 'Are you wearing my shoes?'

Yup, I know you girls have got my back now. So here's the thing. This blog is my outlet for steam. Sometimes, with all the many people around you, with all your mutlitude of responsibilites, all you want to do is to find a little of you.

I am creating this blog in the hope that we can share our daily life experiences as women - working or otherwise, and truly champion each other. I dont know about you, but sometimes, you dont even want to talk to your best friends. Sometimes, we forget how we women just want someone to hear us out and not profer solutions when we are down. Hey ladies, this is the platform.

I also recognize that some of us are mothers and some not, some are aspiring to be mothers and some not, some are mothers of older kids and some of younger kids. I know some of us are lucky to have good marriages, many are not, and some are just getting by. Some of us are working, some not, some running businesses, some high up or at other levels of the corporate world.

Whatever the case, one thing I have come to appreciate is that as women, we basically all have the same sets of issues - no matter how we package them. Sometimes (lets be real ladies) the more glam we appear on the outside, the more turmoil there is on the inside. Worse, even our own sisters look at the glam and feel...'she's got it all going for her'. My prayer is that in sharing over the next few months and years, we will learn from each other, and grow stronger in our daily walk as multitaskers.

I believe if we all recognise that we all wear the same shoes - not minding if they are framed as Jimmy Choo's (is that even the right spelling?) or my niec comfy Hushpuppies; we can all come out stronger at the end.

I am not sure at anyone time what I will have to blog about. But therein lies the joys of life - the daily suprises that come our ways. Today for istance, I had to contend with allowing my baby go to school though he wasnt feeling too good. But, he want s to go cos he will be bored at home or in my office (ouch) and also Daddy thinks I am baying him. Hmm! I have given in cos already hubby is upset with me about something he did wrong (isnt that always the case) and I dont want to compound that stress.

So here I am trying to work, calling school every thirty minutes, and generally contending with an inner sense that I should have stood my ground. Oh well, perhaps he was right cos the school keeps assuring me my son is doing okay.

And I am soooooo tired. Is anyone else tired ladies? Is anyone else wearing my shoes? I am up at 4.30am, drag myself out of bed, get all the kids up and preparing from school, handle morning family prayers, and..... hubby is still lying comfy on the bed while - superwoman-that-I-am, I rush off to be sure the older ones catch the school bus and the take the younger ones to school.

I am at work all day, get home in time to do homework with everyone, rush into the kitchen to make dinner, set the table, spend time talking with kids about their day, prepare the kids for bed, go do my bible study, come back bone tired....... and there hubby is with that knowing smile on his face. Sigh! So I'm asleep by midnight all being well, and ......... it all starts again.

Girl, I know you are wearing my shoes. How do I make it through day in, day out? Lets talk about the grace of God and the fact tht He alone is my strength. How do you get by? Lets share.

One thing I do know, and that thing I do (apologies apostle Paul), I take off to the nearest spa every so often and have myself thoroughly pampered. Though, those episodes are becoming fewer and farther between, it works. Amazing what a simple massage can do........blissful sleep, at least for the day, Lol.

Okay ladies, you get my drift. And no, this will not be a forum for moaning. I just wanted to set common ground. I believe each day or week will bring some new experience, challenge or opportunity that we can all grow out of - whether relating to family, love, kids, men, or just life in general.

Lets talk sisters.

Have a great day

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