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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Seeing God through my mouse

December 1st marked many different things for me. It was my husband’s birthday and thus a day to be highly appreciative to God for having kept him thus far, in good health and in safety. It was also our very first birthday of his that we would not spend together in 21years, so yes yours truly boo-hoo’d a bit the night before. That in itself was another reason I had to bless God for December 1st, given that countless women are rather praying their husbands would stay away from home longer so they can have their peace.

Anyhow, before I begin to bore you with my M&B tales, this is not about my husband. It’s about how God showed up for me via a wireless mouse. Yep! You read it right sis... God showed up in a simple wireless mouse and I am once again amazed how He uses the simplest things to show that He is in absolute control.

My husband (I promise we will soon get off this topic) had been going on about how he wanted a mini-computer that he could travel with. He had said he got more work done when typing on a keyboard than he did on a touch-screen pad. He’d said it often enough that yours truly got the hint that I was being notified of what he wanted for his birthday gift. Given that I was actually at a total loss at that point as to what to get him (I mean how many bottles of perfumes, watches, shirts, shoes can you buy the one person year after year abi?)...... em, where was I? Oh yes, I was at a loss, so it was really nice to have the answer dropped in my lap by oga himself.

So I consulted with my head of IT and we agreed on the specs of what I should get him. Off to the one direct shop I went then, thanking God I wasn’t going to spend the entire week scouring every shop around. I bought a nice beautiful mini-computer and a rather cool carrying case. As I paid my bill I was given a free gift of...... a wireless mouse. At that point I thought to myself, now what would I do with this? But a gift is a gift so I said thank you as nicely as I could. What did I know that God was simply working the end from the beginning?

Anyhow, so I get home and toss the mouse in some odd corner of my bookshelf, thinking that at best it would serve some day as a back up to my children’s pc at home. As I headed down to the kitchen to organize dinner, I promptly forgot about my little blue friend. A couple of hours later, I pulled out my laptop and as it booted, I mentally debated between working on either of the books I am currently writing, or writing a new post for this blog. And what do you know? My laptop hung! Yes o, the mouse pad absolutely refused to respond.

I did a forced shutdown a couple of times, thinking that would resolve the problem but it didn’t. I decided that perhaps this was a quiet prodding from God reminding me that I am supposed to be resting more. In that frame of mind, I shutdown once again for the night and relaxed into my Karen Kingsbury novel.

Saturday morning, I again tried to work but the pad remained unresponsive. ‘Arrrggh!’ I thought. How could I have such a free day, open for me to apply myself to my writings but alas, this was apparently not to be? Somewhere around 6pm, I got a prodding in my spirit to call my IT supervisor. I explained my challenge to him and asked if he could guide me through a trouble-shooting on the phone. He said he couldn’t do that since the challenge is that the mouse pad was unresponsive. I thanked him and we agreed he would sort it out on Monday morning.

And then God made His move.....  

As I said my goodbye and asked him to say hello to his family, my IT guy says ‘Sorry I couldn’t be of help madam; I only wish you had a wireless mouse to work with until Monday’. You could have knocked me down with a feather. A wireless mouse? Did he say ‘a wireless mouse’? As in..... that little blue contraption that I had just been given for free? That wireless mouse which I couldn’t begin to figure what to do with? That wireless mouse?

OMG! I had absolutely not even put it together. It never even as much as crossed my mind! I tore open the pack and a couple of clicks later, ‘Voila’, my laptop was up and ready for my use. In that split second, the Holy Spirit ministered to me that God is in my details; that He truly knows what I need even before I ever have to ask. The Lord reminded me that nothing is too great for Him to handle, but more than anything else, nothing in my space is too small to skip His attention. He reminded me that He is mindful of me... of everything concerning me. He alone knew two days before I did, that my laptop would develop a fault that would put me in a strained situation. He knew, and He made the provision ever before I got to that point of need.

Scripture says that He is a God that knows the end from the beginning. I remember years ago, being so amazed by the scripture that say ‘Before time ever was, I AM!’. In something as small and seemingly insignificant as a computer mouse, God has proved His Word true once again. Simply awesome!

As I reflected  over this, I asked myself why it is that though God shows up time and again in the ‘small’ issues in our life, we have still not mastered the art of ‘praying always’ where it comes to the day-to-day life issues we face. Why are we not yet at the stage where we pray before every meeting, before we speak to our bosses/subordinates/customer; where we pray before speaking with our spouses on touchy issues; where we pray when our children are being difficult; where we pray when we need a new idea; where we pray for God to just show up and show us the simplest of choices that we need to make on a daily basis? Where we just pray about any and everything as our days’ progress?

I shared with some friends recently about how I had planned to wear a certain outfit for a function. That evening I had a prodding in my spirit to wear something else. It was odd then but I thought to say a quick prayer regarding my choice of outfit and the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance a black dinner dress I had forgotten I’d bought. Well, I walked into the venue later that night and right smack in the magazine we were launching, one of the leading lady features was wearing the exact same outfit I had earlier planned to.

My sister, God is concerned about our everything. Methinks we would live happier, more contented, more fruitful lives if we would learn to look for avenues to regularly commune with God in prayer as we go through each day. We would find ourselves more attuned to and in tune with Him and His voice would be our constant guide. I mean, what would be better than to walk daily with the One who is Himself wisdom?

If He showed up in my wireless mouse, and given that He is no respecter of persons, how much more will He show up for YOU? He is in your details too sis... just open yourself to be led of Him and by Him in all your ways.

Remain blessed IJMN

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