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Monday, March 19, 2012

Give of yourself

I had the most interesting experience last week. I had a first time meet with my newest mentee and were it not for my mandate to focus on the revealed will of God, I would have spent the last couple of days trying to figure what the Lord had set up for me out of this relationship. Why? Because, as I listened to this beautiful young lady tell me about herself, it was almost uncanny the similarities of our lives and paths. Our lives just paralleled so much from the ‘how’ of our first courses of study, to the talents and interests that we share in common. That we share a deep love for the living God was for me a real sweetener, the proverbial icing on the cake. I sense that this is one mentoring relationship that will challenge, uplift, and cause both of us to grow. Last night, my sister-in-law had said to me, that one of her biggest fears in life is that when she dies, she will not be remembered for any tangible thing that she has done here on earth. She said it would be such a shame not to leave some sort of legacy in her family or some community around her. We had quite an intense discussion around what constitutes a tangible legacy and I would like to share my thoughts with you. Methinks that surely, we can’t all be an MJ, Steve Jobs or Whitney Houston. We can’t all be the multi-millionaire philanthropists – building schools and orphanages, homeless shelters, etc all around the world. We can’t all be that dynamic serial entrepreneur – building multi-national business and creating jobs for millions of people worldwide. No! We can’t all be all that. But I hold true and very dear to my heart, that we can be the one thing that we truly have in our hearts to be – the very best that we are designed to be. We can be God’s ambassadors of LOVE, making Him real in the lives of those who are around us and for whom we may be the only Christ that they truly see here on earth. I had suggested to my sister-in-law as I do to you also, that the truly worthwhile things for which we should pray to be remembered by, are the intangible things rather than the tangibles. My goal is not to be remembered for what I give you, buy or build for you, sis. No, my goal is that for every second I spend with you, you can walk away feeling that this sister truly cares for me; she is so real with me; she truly tries to ‘see’ me for who I am; she truly values me; she really listens to me; she speaks from the heart to me; she prays and will pray with and for me; she is someone I can count on; I am better for having known her. Why is this so important to me, pray tell? Because all my life, I have had to contend with quite a few things (as you undoubtedly have also) and the things that have helped me through the most are the people who have looked past my ‘issues’ and taken the time to see me, to hear me, to know me, to grow me. A chance encounter here; a few sincere words spoken there! Times spent with me in utter silence, just knowing I needed someone near. A sense that I wouldn’t be judged; but always corrected firmly, and in love! People have come into my life at different times - some a near fleeting encounter; others have been with me through the years. One thing though that holds through regardless, there are people whose legacies will live on through me simply because they have chosen to make themselves available and to love on me. Methinks, this is the greatest legacy of all. As children of God, what is it that we celebrate and that we hold priceless above all things? It is the fact that God the Father so loved us that He gave freely of Himself, even as far as giving up His only begotten Son for our sakes. Our confidence and joy stem from the knowledge that Jesus the Son of God gave in to the will of the Father, and in unfettered love for you and I, went to the cross. It was in giving of Himself so completely that He bore the shame and all the pain, for you and for me. How awesome is that? It is in love that the Holy Spirit gives of Himself continually, choosing to dwell in you and in me, to guide and direct our paths and keep us walking in the purpose of the Father concerning us. The question you and I need to ask of ourselves daily is, ‘Even as God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit gave and continues to give us freely of Himself in love, what are we doing with this love?’ Are we storing it up for ourselves alone? I truly hope not! That would be like ‘storing up of treasure in an earthen vessel’. The ultimate commandment from God is that of love, and the ultimate expression of love is in our heart-felt giving..... of ourselves first of all, and then of any substance (the tangibles). Ask yourself a question today, sis. Who are you truly giving of yourself to? Indeed are you truly giving of yourself, or are you going through the motions to satisfy third-party expectations? Are your motives for giving pure? Are you mentoring someone or some people around you? Have you made yourself available to just love on and be fully committed to helping a sister (or brother) be the best that they can be? This calls for quiet reflection and deep introspection. It is however a rewarding experience and as you allow the Holy Spirit minister to you, He will show you a new love walk that will ensure your memory lingers on, that your life truly makes a difference. Give of yourself sis. Let go of the fears and insecurities, the concerns about being hurt or making yourself vulnerable. You are not called to look unto man for your reward, but unto God Himself Who is a rewarder of those who are diligent in the things He has commanded of them. I believe that when you freely pour out of yourself into the life another, the Lord Himself smiles down on you. Don’t know about you, but I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside just thinking about this..... God is smiling down on me! He will smile on you too... He surely will! Be blessed sis...... because you are!

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  1. I am paraphrasing now but I love how Maya Angelou puts what you have just so wonderfully said - People may not remember you for what you did or said but they will surely remember you for how you made them feel. That's legacy right there - when a person leaves your presence, even if it was just a minute they spent in your ''light'', they should feel at least one or all of the following:

    1. Better about themselves, or their situation
    2. Valued cos you had time for them
    3. Hope that there just might be a God cos it felt like they just met him.

    Abi? Great post Sis!


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