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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I just want to praise

Today I just want to praise! I really and truly just want to praise! Did anything in particular happen? No sis! But that’s exactly one of the key reasons why I’ve got praise oozing from my pores. Nothing happened, and so everything happened! Nothing happened and so I am alive and well today. Nothing happened to take my life, to steal my joy or peace. So bear with me as I give glory to our God and Father and ask that you do too. Halleluyah!

Lord, You are simply awesome! So great and so glorious! I love you with all of my being. I praise You today Lord… just because You are! I praise you for the very breath of life that I have. Lord, I went to bed last night with no guarantee of waking up this morning. But You Lord…. You Who holds the very breath that I breathe, You counted me worthy to continue in the land of the living and blessed me with breath and life this morning. Yes Father, I praise You! My husband and children didn’t awake to find I had passed on in my sleep. I didn’t wake up to death in my home. Rather Lord, You brought us all into the light of this day – in health, in peace, and in love. And what a beautiful day it is Lord. What a remarkable day indeed! Lord, I just want to praise You because only the living can give You praise. Thank You for life Lord. Thank You for my life Lord.

Lord, I just want to praise You for the things You have given me; and to thank You especially for the things You have not given me. Lord, I thank You for my every unfulfilled dream and aspiration; for in Your own time You bring things my way in the fulfillment of Your great purpose for my life. You are the potter Lord, and today I once again lay myself before You willingly. Mould me continually Lord, into that image that conforms to Your glory. I praise You for You continue grow me, making me into a more excellent me. Lord, I just want to praise You because of myself, in my own strength and power, I am such a mess. But in You oh Lord, I’m awesome as I am…ever-evolving for Your glory alone.

Lord, I just praise You for You are my peace. Nothing in my many endeavors, pursuits or acquisitions has or will ever fill me, Lord. Thank You for plugging the hole in my soul. Thank You Lord, for Your presence in my life… Your Holy Spirit within me; brings me perfect completion and peace. Lord, I just want to praise You because in You, I don’t need to strive. I don’t need to impress You, Lord. I just need to be me! Thank You Lord, that You don’t judge me for where I am; rather You see what I can become and lovingly walk the journey with me.

Lord, today I just want to praise You because You truly never leave me nor forsake me. Thank You because You are my sure foundation, my strong tower, my place of refuge. Thank You because even when I am unfaithful to You, You are faithful and sure. You never leave me Lord! Even when I distance myself from you, distracted by my busyness or by my failings; You stay with me. I can never get away from You Lord, because You never go away from me. Thank You Lord that You are in me. Thank You for the privilege of being Your child. Father, I so worship You!

Lord, thank You for the works of my hands. There is yet so much I aspire to do, yes. But thank You Lord for that which I have been able to do. Thank You Lord because any wisdom or intelligence I believe I have, only comes from You. Thank You Lord that I am able to work! Thank You for my abilities and disabilities – physical or otherwise. They all work together to make me the ‘me’ that You designed me to be.
Lord, today I just want to praise You for every single mistake I have made and will yet make. I praise You Lord for You have committed to give me beauty for ashes. Thank You because You are mindful of my every teardrop. You are mindful of me Lord. You are mindful of ME! How great is that oh Lord? Father, I worship You!

Thank You Father for the love of my family! Thank You for the great people I work with! Thank You for the members of my household and staff who have been such a source of strength and support to me these long years. Not because I am an excellent being Lord, but because of Your favor. Thank You Lord that I have eyes that see, ears that hear, a mouth that speaks, legs that walk, arms that move, a digestive system that works, kidneys that function, a heart that beats. I’m alive Lord!!! How can I but praise You? Halleluyah!!!

Lord I thank You for parents that are alive and well. Thank You for wonderful, healthy children. Thank You for the health and wellness of my loved ones. Thank You for the enemies I don’t know Lord… for even they must surely have their purpose in my destiny; even they shall surely yet declare that the Lord has been good to me. Thank You Father for my other ‘children’, the ones who You have allowed me to ‘mother’ and nurture. Thank You Father for using me as a channel for Your overflow. Nothing because of who I am Lord, but because of Who You are. I worship You Lord!

Thank You Father for my support group! Thank You for my sistas! Thank You for the very darling people You have stationed all around my life. Thank You because they remind me daily that You are LOVE, and with Your love in my life, it is well with me. Thank You Father because You call me the apple of Your eye. Thank You Lord for my loved ones and I are Your special treasures… apples of gold with linings of silver You said. How awesome You are oh Lord! How incredibly awesome is my God!
Thank You for endless praise on my lips oh God! Thank You that regardless of how much I have to deal with, You are always right there in the midst of my storms. You equip me! You embolden me! You strengthen me! You comfort me! You counsel me! You empower me! Lord, You make me victorious at the end of it all! Thank You Lord!

Thank You for counting me worthy Lord. Father, I probably wouldn’t have saved me if it were up to me….frail and fallible human that I am. But this is why You alone are God, and I love You just like that. You shaped me and formed me! You planned my end before my beginning. So You couldn’t have ever given up on me. You chose me from the beginning because You already knew my end Lord! You designed me for You! Lord and I am grateful, and I worship You.

A million tongues couldn’t praise You enough Lord! So, as I stop here on this blog, I continue to sing Your praises on my lips and in my hearts. I pray by Your grace that my life will be one long continuous testimony of praises to You, oh Lord, for You as soooo worthy! Halleluyah Lord! I love You Father! Thank You Jesus! Holy Spirit I adore You! I just want to praise You today Lord! Halleluyah! Halleluyah!!!

My precious sis, please find yourself in the place of praise. Regardless of how life is trying to press you down….find the place of your praise! God didn’t suddenly wake up and decide to choose you on the day you made the commitment to serve Him sis. No, He chose you the day He formed you! How precious is that! Just praise today sis. Just praise! Our God is oh so worth it!!!

Be blessed sis…. for you surely are!


  1. What an amazing post my sis. God inhabits the praises of His people and I pray that as you pour out your praise, you will experience His manifest presence.

    Stay blessed

  2. Thank you for sharing Romans 12:6. I tie the post to this scripture because it is total humility and submission to God's love and authority that helps us remain in the place of praise!


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