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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Understanding His will 3

When I shared the questions asked of me regarding the will of God, I really didnt have a clear sense of how many responses would come in, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord would speak. I shared a couple of responses that touched me last week, and today I bring you a couple more. I have not been opportuned to meet with the young lady who asked the questions in the first place, but I remain committed to sharing the things that the LOrd will speak through that interaction when it takes place. As you read the responses below, allow the Lord minister to you regarding His will.

"Most times our own will has selfish ways encompassed in it. God’s ways are to bring Him glory and usually have something to do with His people because His people are the most precious to Him. He created us from the very ground that He created. He gave us the ability to produce and create and He established that there was nothing we should do alone. He fashioned it that He selflessly gave His only son that we would have eternal life. I can't say that any father or mother for that matter would give their child to the world that they (others) may have eternal life. He always does something that is to better His people and meet them right where they are. This blog is a perfect example. That very question is asked probably daily by many when they think they are hearing their own voice instead of the Lord’s. It's very clear to me that when you whole heartedly give your life to Christ and accept Him as your personal savior that you are giving permission for God to invade your thoughts and plans. His plan will be revealed and when you do things in your own will, you know as opposed to doing them in the will of God. There is a profound difference in doing on your own and doing in the strength of Christ. His will is that we may prosper in all that we do. We are mere beings who were created for a purpose and when we go outside of that which God has purposed us to do, I believe this is when we experience defeat and failure.
Now of course it all works out for our good, but usually once we have messed it up is when we go back to God and want to do it His way. I believe it was God actually asking this question of us all to see if we have matured to a place of recognizing that once we have given our lives to Him, that He is in control and that He is leading and directing. And for one to know that they are indeed hearing God and not your own thoughts, He will bring confirmation to you in some way and that is how you will know. Before this question was asked there were probably decisions and questions that were coming forth that led you to a place you thought that you should check to be sure that the voice you hear is not your own. My question is have you accepted Christ as your personal savior? If the answer is yes then you are hearing God and if you are not sure of the inner voice you do hear, God will surly bring it forth through another to confirm that you are not just waking this out in your own being.

The only way you will know Gods plans is if you ask Him as He it is who created you and He is the one Who has purposed the exact plans for you. It's truly a daily walk and I'd say it’s ok to keep asking. One of my mentors spoke to me recently and said if you don't hear God speaking anything new it's because He is still in the place of the last thing He spoke. Perhaps He gave you something to do and you didn't finish it or you went to someone else to see what it was that you were to do or perhaps you have now gone to someone because you don't hear God speaking. That's because you left Him in the last place and may need to go back to that space and reclaim whatever it is He have you to do.
I'm convinced that no one but God can tell you His plans. He can confirm through others but you will only know the plans He has for you if you ask Him. Again I must say that if you don't have a relationship with God that's the first step before asking Him to tell you what His plans are and if you are not sure then you should ask someone to help usher you into His kingdom so that you have security in the kingdom knowing that when all is passed away you have eternal life in His kingdom. Once you have done so and know, then what you do is ask God, ‘God what are your plans for me?’ Wait patiently. He will not give you the whole picture or answer. He will speak to you and you must listen. Once He has spoken He may bring confirmation to it through someone else but know that that is not the first that spoke it to you, it was in fact the voice of God. He may not speak aloud and that is why you have to listen carefully.

This has been such a joy to have an interactive blog/devotional. I know however that there is no right or wrong answer. I prayed about my answer and wanted to answer with what I felt God would have me tell someone who asked this very question. In fact I have been asked and I recall once telling someone that "you just know" can no longer be the answer as I know that this question is in fact an opportunity to usher someone into His kingdom. I read this on Saturday during my devotional and God did not allow me to answer until Sunday night as I went to reflect on my day. Then I arose this morning and added more as I thought about it even more while I slept. God is doing a new thing and I excited in knowing that the question is still being asked and that I was given opportunity to answer. Thank you for asking and reading our responses. I see that this blog is already going into a new direction and for that I am excited. Until the next question.   Blessings - SV"

When I read the first part of this post last week, I had a spontaneous response to the questions raised but I had a check in my spirit to wait. The following day in church, my Pastor preached on "Living a life pleasing unto God." Then I knew why I had to wait. His sermon provided more answers to your question. I spent the whole week ruminating on both the questions & the answers I had whilst looking for time to write them down and send to you. Reading today's post, I knew I still have to share my thoughts with you though now late. But first, here's what I found today written by Stormie Omartian:

How do you find the will of God for your life?
- Tell God you live to do His will. (Ephesians 6:5-6)
- Ask God for wisdom to help you understand what His will is. (Ephesians 5:17)
- Ask God to enable you to do His will. (Hebrews 13:20-21)
- Listen for God’s voice speaking to your heart. (Isaiah 30:21)
- Praise God and give thanks to Him for everything. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
- Ask God to work His will in your life for His Glory. (Hebrews 12:2)

The key is, it’s His will. Go to Him.
My response to your question: Some years ago I heard a missionary in a movie say these words as he was dying: " there's no better place to be than in the center of God's will except in His presence." These words left an indelible mark on me. The ultimate goal of every Christian must be to please God in every sphere of our lives and in all our decision making. Any believer who seeks to live a life pleasing unto God must therefore be willing and ready to submit his/her will and plan to God. When our plans are in synch with God's will for us, we will have peace in our heart and not be disquieted.

Outside the will of God, we will struggle and labour much for less outcome. We therefore need to commit our plans to God and be willing to let go of them if we become agitated and have no peace in our hearts. It is God Who works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure when we live our lives to please Him.
Congratulations on the release of your book. God bless you richly.   - IO "

Sis, I was particularly touched by these two responses. I know how many times in my personal walk that I would find myself questioning whether the voice I heard inside was the voice of God. By the grace and help of the Holy Spirit and as I have grown over the years, I have truly seen that the LOrd always sends confirmation of the things that He speaks to me, or at other times, He immediately counters the voice of doubt with a reassuring 'My Sheep know my voice'  which comes to me as clear as crystal, so I totally understand what SV has spoken. And if I will leave you with anything else today, it will be exactly as the Lord has spoken to us through IO: the key is, it’s His will... go to Him. I encourage you to stay in the place of trusting that the very One Who created you for His purpose, is more than able to teach, to guide, and to direct our lives according to His will for each and every one of


May the Lord grant you and I fresh revelation of Him each and every day sis. This is my prayer for today and for always.
Be blessed.... for you surely are! 

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