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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cherish the Investment

I’m on a spiritual high today, sis! Seriously speaking! I am dancing in my heart to some intense spiritual praise. And why not, sis? Why not? I moved in my assignment. It is such a joy to yield in obedience despite your insecurities, fears, or uncertainties and then see God work with what little faith you bring to Him. I told you last time that I had jumped in feet first right? Well, I sure landed on good ground, sis. God had clearly gone ahead. My first outing was a resounding success to His glory, and the testimonials that I have since received are both elating and deeply humbling at the same…. Crystal clear reminders that this is an assignment from God and that I must be faithful to deliver, that I must stay connected to Him so that I receive heavenly downloads that keep me moving forward in alignment with God’s will and purpose for this assignment. There is a lot of work ahead, there are a great many lives to be touched….but I know I am helped already by the Greater One Who is in me, Who sent me and Who has Qualified and Resourced me to deliver on this assignment. Keep me in your prayers, sis. Please do.

Today it is in my heart to share with you a message that the Lord asked me to share at my first outing last week. I had been doing a study of the book of Isaiah over the past couple of weeks, but that morning the Lord impressed on my heart to read Genesis 2 v 7: “then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being [an individual complete in body and spirit] - (AMP)”  It’s a simple enough portion of Scripture right? That what I thought as I first read it, trying to figure in my own senses why the Lord would have led me to read it. I asked Him to breathe on it and help me to see and hear whatever it was He had for me, and He came through. I pray I can also help you to see this. Be blessed as you read, sis.

…the Lord God formed man” Reading the first couple of chapters of the book of Genesis, it ministered to me that with everything else that God brought into existence, God had either ‘said’, ‘made’ or ‘created’. But in making man, the Bible tells us that God ‘formed’ man and that He formed him ‘from the dust of the ground’. What is the significance of this? The Lord said to me that forming was a more intentional and meticulous work than any other of His acts of creation. He said that there was a much higher investment in the creation process for man. God said to me that His hands were deep in the dirt in forming you and I, that He loved us that much ever before He made us. He said that in forming man there was effort, there was concentration, and there was a much more purposeful intent. Ever before He breathed into us, in that entire forming process, God was going somewhere with you and I! He was working to replicate His own image and likeness, and so His stake in man was (and is) much higher.

Having created the form of man, God then ‘breathed into his nostrils the breath of life’. The Lord ministered to my spirit and asked if I have ever wondered why He didn’t just say to the form He had molded ‘let there be breath in you’ or quite simply ‘live’? And as He asked this question of me sis, I really had to ponder it for a few minutes. I had never really thought about it in that sense. I mean, we are so used to and accepting of the creation story that we really don’t stop to break it down do we? I asked the Lord to explain this to me and His response was ‘It’s because My investment in you is very personal!”.

The Lord explained to me that it was imperative that the breath that was in man was His breath…  otherwise man would be no more different than the insects and animals who He had also given life through the creation process by simply speaking life to them. He reminded me again that His design for man from the beginning was to give man a likeness to His image and divine nature; and the only way that could happen was by a direct impartation of Himself. And we know this don’t we, sis? We know that the breath of God is an impartation of His spirit … of a part of His very essence into you and I right? In releasing His breath upon man, God in-filled man with His very nature and attributes; He released a measure of His power and glory upon man. Simply amazing!

The Lord explained to me that it was by His breath that man became a ‘living’ being …living in the sense that man became like God through that impartation of God’s divine abilities and attributes. ‘Living’ …not just in the sense of going through the motions of a biological life as with other life forms…. But rather ‘living’ in the sense of having power to create, to transform, the ability to be and do! And think about it sis, what good would life be if we couldn’t do the things we are able to do by the grace and power of God? What kind of ‘living’ would it be if we could only scurry through life as members of the food chain?

Everything we can do, the talents we have, the skills we have, our intelligence, the families and relationships we manage, the professions we excel in, the businesses we run, etc – everything that qualifies us as alive and living in the truest sense, all come from that breath of God that made the formed man a truly living being. God Himself is ever mindful of this and that is why He said to us in His word that ‘We are God’s’. We in turn must never forget this sis, never! We need to be ever mindful of God’s special investment in us.

Indeed, this was exactly God’s call to me that morning. As I stayed quiet before Him, He asked that I remind His children that we are each accountable to Him for that very creation breath. And nothing God does is without purpose. If he imparted His very breath into us, if He created us with ‘purposeful intent’, then we cannot but be accountable for the impartation. The Lord said to me “Tell My children that I have invested too much for them to be casual about their lives and the things I have provided to enable them deliver on their purpose in life”.  This struck me quite deeply and I prayed that the Lord may never look at my life and think ‘what a waste of my divine breath”. This was my prayer as I spoke this word over the gathering and I pray the same over your life today, sis. In Jesus name, amen.

You know, this is as much a Word in due season for me as much as I believe it is for you today. God is calling us to a higher level of accountability and obedience to Him. He is demanding that those who are His own press in more, seek His face more, do His will more, share His word more, show His love more! I believe that indeed we are in the days when the Lord is looking for true worshipers – those that will yield their lives, families, work, ministries, and everyday lives as acts of worship; those who will be ever more committed to doing His will and being vessels to deliver glory to Him in the world. God is calling us to cherish, treasure and honor His huge investment in our lives, sis. And the best part for me is that as we do so, the blessings come back to us in greater measure as the glory goes up to Him.

We cannot be casual about this heavenly investment, sis. I encourage you to take a few minutes to pray and ask God to help you increase your worship, your obedience and service to Him. Ask Him to daily position you to deliver glory to Him, sis.  Ask that the impartation He made in you might not be wasted on the altar of the world. Ask Him to establish you to deliver on His purposeful intent for your life. And as you ask, the Lord will help you sis…. as surely as He is daily helping me.

Be blessed sis…. For you surely are!

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