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Monday, November 2, 2015

My hiding Place

“You are my hiding place
You always fill my life with songs of deliverance
Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You
I will trust in You
Let the weak say I am strong, in the strength of the Lord”

I don’t recall who performed this song originally or otherwise. And it really doesn’t matter. This is however the song that has been on my lips and in my heart for most of today. I wish I could say that I don’t really know why this has been, but that wouldn’t be true so I won’t go there.  Truth is that I find myself in one of those seasons where the vicissitudes of life are doing their best to weigh me down. It’s been one of those seasons where you must necessarily intentionally determine to keep your head up, despite the daunting reality of ‘one new thing after the other’. Thankfully, I decided and declared several years ago that ‘Superwoman is dead’.

‘Superwoman is dead’? What do I mean by that? I hear you sis. I hear you and I will clarify.

Superwoman is dead because I realized years ago that she got her power from within herself and that was not sustainable. Superwoman had to die because she burnt out very quickly time and again. Superwoman had to die because she was all about herself and what she could do. Superwoman had to die because she was not connected to the right power source, and she operated in her own strength. Superwoman had to die because largely she was in a sense ‘performing’ for others in life. Superwoman had to die because daily she was losing herself in a plethora of activity… in purposeless busyness that had no eternal value.

Superwoman had to die so that the Unique Woman within her could truly live!

And what is truly living? Sis, it is the path of discovering God’s divine purpose for your life. It is growing in Him, in His Word, His will and His way. It is communing with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him order your steps. It is coming to the realization that you are spirit, and your life must revolve around spiritual things. Truly living is an understanding that your true power comes only from God Almighty, and that indeed it is in Him that you must live and move and have your being. Truly living is trusting His Word that nothing shall be impossible to you; that His plans for you are good and not of evil; that He is with you and He will forever help and uphold you.

Living ….truly living is in obedience – in moving only when He asks you to; it’s in keeping still when He demands it of you; it’s in taking steps towards an end He speaks to you, even when you cannot clearly see; it’s in that quiet calm assurance that He has gone ahead and in Him you are assured of an eternal reward. Sis, truly living is learning to abide in His presence…. to trust… to rest!

It is for these reasons that Superwoman died and Uniquely Woman began to live. Because you see, Uniquely Woman…. Uniquely Me understands that at times like these, I can ‘own’ my feelings….they are after all of my flesh; and in a worldly sense… they are my reality. But more than anything else, Uniquely Me understands even more clearly that I can anchor my spirit even more firmly on He Who assures me that He is mindful of me. Uniquely Me understands that even in my storms, He is with me, that He never leaves or forsakes me. Uniquely Me understands that I can re-purpose my pain time and time again, and out of it grow stronger and better positioned to be a blessing to someone else.

Uniquely Me understands that even at times when I feel overwhelmed, burdened, sad, discouraged, that I can look up to Calvary and wallow in a love that endured for me, that counted me worthy in spite of my mess, that still counts me worthy. Uniquely Me understands that all I have to do is run to the mercy seat and cast my cares at the feet of Jesus. She understands that I can hide behind the cross and Jesus Himself will carry me. Uniquely Me understands that even at times when I am not happy, I can be and I am full of joy! Uniquely Me knows that I am special in the eyes of my Father; that I am His beloved; that I am chosen; that I am called; that I am anointed.

Uniquely Me knows that my strength is of the Lord and not of myself. This is why even though I have my own challenges now and again, I can look to the Lord and He infill’s me with an unction that enables me to still do great things. Uniquely Me understands that I am nothing without Jesus. Uniquely Me understands that Jesus is my assignment and purpose. Uniquely Me understands that I am not under pressure to be perfect; that my weakness is absolutely acceptable. Uniquely Me might have struggles as I do in this season…. But Uniquely Me is never without a hope and an assurance. She knows of a truth that God has got my back, that even now He is turning things around for my good. Uniquely Me knows that God counts her as valuable and precious, and so she is a fulfilled woman nevertheless – challenges and all.

Sis, Uniquely Me is not lost in the multiplicity of roles that Superwoman played. She is still wife, mother, daughter, boss, etc etc yes….. but more than anything else, she is and always will be Uniquely Me! Uniquely Me is not afraid to be weak and to show weakness. She has no point to prove to anyone. All she is about is a knowing that her Father walks with her, and then carries her when she is too weak to stand. Uniquely Me knows who I am in the only way that counts – who I am in Christ! Uniquely Me is unequivocally assured that I am a daughter of the most high God! This is my hiding place!  

And you know what sis? Uniquely Me currently has a smile on her face as she sings:   

Why so downcast oh my soul?
Put your hope in God (3x)
Oh, Why so downcast oh my soul?
Put your hope in God
And bless the Lord, oh my soul

Bless the Lord
He is the lifter of my countenance
Bless the Lord
He is the lifter of my head
Bless the Lord
He is the lifter of my countenance
I will never be afraid….
Oh, Why so downcast oh my soul?
Put your hope in God
And bless the Lord oh my soul!

Yes, I’m going to bed joyful sis. I am! Tomorrow I will again look at my issues and allow God help me figure out what to do. Tomorrow I will again listen out for His voice and follow His instruction as best I can by the power of the Holy Spirit. And even if I don’t hear anything specific from Him, I will simply REST in Him. He has done too much for me in times past for me to doubt that even this one He will also sort out. Am I happy? Nah! Not really. But Uniquely Me isn’t talking about happiness. She understands that happiness is simply a matter of feelings. Nope! She’s talking about JOY…. true joy which nothing and no one can ever take from me! I choose Joy, sis! My joy is my Jesus and He is my hiding place! That is all that matters. Superwoman never quite caught this, but Uniquely Me is daily finding purposeful expression of her life in a way that counts for eternity.  How awesome is that?

I don’t know what is plaguing you now sis, but please understand that you have the choice to hold on and wallow in your feelings, or stand in the place of faith. You have the choice to stand as Superwoman and try to see how you sort your problems out in your own strength or by leaning on the strength of some other man or woman (the arm of flesh that will SURELY fail you)…. or you can choose to hide behind the cross; to give it all to Jesus in trust; and to operate in the Unique Spiritual You that is at one with the Father! Can I encourage you to come to this side? Put your hope in God, sis. No better way to ensure that rather than having life work you, you make life work for you and for God’s glory. The Lord will help you sis, as surely also as He continues to help me.

Be blessed sis….. for you surely are!

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  1. I am really glad i stumbled on your blog and read. women should get to read this as most of us are dying trying to be superwoman. i just lost a loved one and really, really hurting but going thru this blog has lifted my soul and made me realize that i can hid behind the cross. Thank you My mentor


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